My Invisible Husband

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My Invisible Husband

Monday, May 08, 2006

From the Outside In

It seems that we have blinders on when we first fall in love or meet someone we think is all that and then some. Sometimes others are able to see what we can't. Have you ever been in a toxic relationship and everybody can see it but you? The people around you bring it to your attention, but you deny it to the end and sometimes alienate the folks that truly care for you because you can't see or refuse to see what they point out.

For the most part, your family and friends care and want what's best for you. When you hurt, they hurt. If you were happy go lucky prior to meeting Joe Mack, but after you and Joe Mack get together folks notice a huge mood change, it's a red flag to them that something just ain't right. They begin to pay closer attention to how Joe Mack treats you...if they feel he's in any way disrespectful or abusive; they step in and give their unwanted 2 cents. I say unwanted, because you really don't want to hear anything bad about the man you love.

There should be balance. Once the blinders are off, then you can see the man for what he truly is. You can also validate or void what others are saying about the man that you're with. Because there are times that the people from the outside looking in don't have the whole story and their assumption about your man is wrong.

In the end you are the one who has to live with the decisions or choices you make for your life.

The Nikki questions for the week: What do you do when your family/friends don't like the man you're with? Have your family/friends been right about a guy and you wished you would have listened to them?

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