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My Invisible Husband

Friday, April 21, 2006

You Know You've Made it
is something I wrote this morning after getting a disturbing email this morning. Funny how folks find you when it's convenient for them. Anyway, enjoy...Shelia

You Know You've Made it When...

...Folks start writing tabloid stuff about you.

...You have long lost relatives appear that you knew nothing of last year.

...Your so called friends finally start returning your phone calls and emails.

...Your bank calls you to find out how you're doing.

...You're supposed to have a long lost child but how could you when you've never been pregnant.

...You can drive out of the dealership with an expensive car without insurance.

...You're suddenly getting invited to all of the "in parties" when before you couldn't buy your way in.

...You have your own if you can't go anywhere by yourself.

...Your high school crush appears and claims he's had a crush on you too all these years.

... and the #1 reason why you know you've made it...when You go into an expensive boutique or store and get free stuff that you now can afford.

--List created by Author Shelia M Goss (

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