My Invisible Husband

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My Invisible Husband

Monday, February 20, 2006

Living Together Before Marriage - For or Against?

In the novel, My Invisible Husband, Byron proposes that Nikki move in with him. Nikki is very adamant about not living with a man before marriage. Over the past two days, there's been interesting emails in one of the writer's groups on this same topic.

With Shai's permission, I will share with you her response on this topic:

Living together is not the best guide to knowing a person...You can live with someone and still not know them.

I think living together is a cop-out and lazy...There is not a guarantee that
living together will help you make a better decision about marriage.

A lot of folks live together for years, love each other and do not
want to part. Yet, they make up lame excuses why they won't get

Having sex and living together are two different things. When you
live together you merge financial, physical, spiritual, emotional and
mental experiences. That is deeper than just sleeping together.

The "Nikki" questions this week: Do you agree with Nikki and Shai or do you think couples should live together before marrying?

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