My Invisible Husband

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My Invisible Husband

Monday, November 27, 2006


REMEMBER THE GAME CHARADES? Well, Nikki Montana has taken the game a step further.

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Chapter One Excerpt

Nikki's trip to Las Vegas was filled with gambling and shows. In addition to enjoying Las Vegas, she rented a car and drove to Los Angeles to do more sight seeing. On the plane ride back home to Dallas she closed her eyes and tried to relax, but the man sitting next to her annoyed her by constantly pecking on his keyboard. He noticed her irritation and offered to let her borrow his headphones so that he wouldn't be as distracting, but Nikki declined with a, "No thank you."

"Are you sure?" the gentleman inquired. "I have to finish this report or I won't meet my deadline. I do apologize for the inconvenience."

Nikki sighed and then opened her eyes. She turned to look at her traveling companion and noticed his captivating gray eyes, and although he wasn't smiling, she could see the dimples in his cheeks. For once, she was at a loss for words.

"I'm sure," she stammered.

"Well let me know if you change your mind," he said as he continued to type away on his keyboard.

Nikki couldn't take her eyes off of him. When he looked up from his laptop and caught her staring at him, she felt a little embarrassed, but snapped back with a catchy excuse. "Excuse me for staring, but you look familiar," she lied.

He smiled and assumed she was flirting. He didn't mind at all. He'd lost his concentration now that she was finally warming up to him. From the moment Nikki sat down next to him her alluring fragrance captivated him. The red blouse she wore accented the two things he admired most on a woman, pretty eyes and ample breasts.

"I'm Byron Matthews and you are?" he asked while extending his hand.

"Nicolette Montana, but my friends call me Nikki for short," Nikki replied, extending her hand as well.

They shook hands and in unison they said, "Nice to meet you."

They both felt a jolt of electricity, and since neither knew how to respond to it, they remained silent. Byron went back to pecking on his laptop and Nikki pretended to be reading one of those airline magazines she had just pulled from the back of the seat in front of her. Several minutes later the stewardess headed down the aisle with the drink cart, offering each passenger drinks. When the stewardess got to them, Nikki passed on a drink and Byron appeared to be engulfed in his work and didn't respond to the query.

"The stewardess wants to know if you want something to drink," Nikki said, tapping Byron on the arm.

He looked up. "I'm sorry. Yes, a cup of coffee would be nice."

After the stewardess fulfilled Byron's request, they continued the rest of the flight in silence. Both tried to ignore the feeling of being in such close proximity to one another. Soon they heard the stewardess' voice blared over the loudspeakers instructing the passengers to turn off all electronic items. As Byron attempted to put away his laptop under the seat in front of him, he'd forgotten that he had sat his almost empty cup of coffee on the floor and accidentally splashed the remains on Nikki's shoes. He looked up to apologize, but nothing came out of his mouth. Nikki jumped in her seat and blurted out, "Excuse you."

"I'm so sorry. I forgot that I had put it there," Byron apologized.

"I just got these shoes and now they're ruined." She frowned.

He pulled out his business card and wrote something on the back before handing it to her. "My home number is on the back. I'll buy you another pair, regardless of the cost."

Although she knew she should be upset that he'd ruined a hundred and twenty dollar pair of shoes that she had received as a birthday gift, one look into his apologetic eyes almost made her melt in her seat.

"Okay," she smiled and said. "Trust me. I'll be calling you. Let me give you my information, too."

He wrote down her information as she recited it to him.

"Again Nikki," Byron said as they headed off the plane, "I'm so sorry."

"Apology accepted, but it's Ms. Montana to you," she teased.

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Monday, November 20, 2006

Fizzle, Fizzle

There are many love songs talking about the end of relationships and how hard it is to say good-bye. Relationships end for a number of reasons, someone cheating, beating, or what have you...but what if it just didn't work out...what if you love the person but know that he or she is just not the one for you and you're only wasting each other's time or avoiding the inevitable--a breakup??? How do you end the relationship or do you let it fizzle out?

The Nikki question for this week: when do you know the spark is gone in a relationship...when it's going recharging of the batteries...okay you get the point :)

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Monday, November 06, 2006

Public Breakups

Seems like another one bit the dust. reports that Chris Rock is getting a divorce. Some of us have gone through some major breakups or divorces...I can't even imagine going through a major breakup in the public eye.

I recall how I felt when things ended with me and my ex about 2 years ago. I poured myself into my work and didn't want to be bothered. Once I took a long hard look at my situation, I realized that although the official break-up was on X date, we had broken up emotionally months prior to us actually going our seperate ways. It didn't take me long to bounce back. I thought it would, but it didn't.

How long did it take you to bounce back from a failed relationship and what got you through it?

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