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My Invisible Husband

Monday, March 06, 2006

A Lie is a Lie Or Is It?

I'm back from a week hiatus. Thank you for being patient and still taking time out to leave your comments. Before I get into what I want to talk about this week, I wanted to say that I'm thrilled that I received an honor as 1 of 10 Hottest Bloggers in the first Annual Princess Dominique Hot Blogger Award.

Okay, back to what I was saying (smile)...Over the weekend, I met a guy who I could tell right from the start was telling lies. I chuckled to myself because he actually thought he was on top of his game. First of all, I've been sick and was in no mood to listen to a bunch of bull, but it didn't stop him from dishing it. I had to just tell him, "Let's get real." By the time, I told him what I thought about the bull he threw my way, he was no longer interested. All he had to say was, "you could have given a brotha a chance."

It was nothing to this guy to lie to me. Sadly, it seems as if some people have no problem telling a lie if they feel like it justifies the end...let me rephrase that--when it fits their own selfish needs.

I'm sure you've heard people use the phrase, "white lie." WTF (to those not used to these initials, you don't want to know what it stands A lie is a lie. There's no difference between a lie and what some call a "white lie." If that's the case, I guess we could proceed all kinds of lies with color..."Oh that was only a blue lie, a red lie" etc...sounds crazy doesn't does the term "white lie."

Nikki, told a lie in My Invisible Husband. To her, she felt justified doing so, because she was trying to get nagging folks out of her business. But I'm sure the folks she lied to would think differently.

The "Nikki" questions this week: Is there ever a good time to lie? Would you accept someone telling a lie(s) to you to spare your feelings?

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