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My Invisible Husband

Monday, June 19, 2006

Maturity - Is It a State of Mind?

The results are in. Out of the people who participated in last week's poll, most would agree that MATURITY is important no matter how old the man is (younger or older). 42 percent said they would date or marry a man 5 years younger, 25 percent of you all said 10 years younger or that age doesn't matter and 8 percent said 2 years younger. One person made a comment that they preferred men who were 5 to 10 years older.

I've dated younger and older and for me, it's a toss up. I have found that age does not determine whether the man is mature. If the man is older, I would expect him to be more mature, but unfortunately, it's no guarantee. Sometimes the young guys are looking for a substitute mommy and that's not cool either. No, I'm not going to cook for you, clean for you or wash your dirty drawers (yes, I went there).

When it all boils down to it, it's about finding a man who is compatible with you on all levels (mentally, spiritually, physically, etc.). Whether it's with a guy your age, older or younger, maturity is a state of mind.

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