My Invisible Husband

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My Invisible Husband

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Nikki’s take on Jennifer Wilbanks – the Runaway Bride
Welcome to Nikki’s Corner.

If you read the book My Invisible Husband, then you already know who I am. For those of you who haven’t heard of me, my name is Nicolette Montana, but my friends call me Nikki. I sort of faked a Las Vegas wedding because I was tired of my family and friends in my business. This brings me to what I really stopped by to talk about.

What is up with Jennifer Wilbanks a/k/a the Runaway Bride? I thought I was the only one who had dibs on Las Vegas. I never would have thought that anyone would go to that extreme to not go through with a wedding. Well I’m sure there are people saying the same thing about me. I’ve heard it through the grapevine that some people don’t think me faking a Las Vegas wedding is realistic. But anyway, I’m not here to talk about me.

Jen, why didn’t you look me up when you were in Las Vegas? I would have talked you into calling your family. There’s no reason why you had to do that to them. Didn’t you know they would worry? John Mason is a good man. Because girl, I don’t know if I could forgive you. At least what I did didn’t hurt anyone. Well maybe a few pockets, because I did get some expensive wedding gifts, but it didn’t hurt their hearts. Next time you’re unsure of something, do what most people do…confront the issue head on. Believe me; I understand how family and friends can be annoying and how they can pressure you into doing things you wouldn’t normally do. But take it from me, in the end; it’s not even worth it.

Next time, be strong and don’t bow down to the pressure. Do as I say, not as I do. :)

Ms. Nicolette “Nikki” Montana

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