My Invisible Husband

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My Invisible Husband

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Killing off Characters
By Guest Blogger Tzynya Pinchback

I am no wallflower or greeting card cliché. I am, however, a hopeless romantic who happens to be a tad bit commitment-phobic, jaded and nostalgic.

I need the clever pillow talk, kisses in the rain, picnics in the tub, hundreds of emails about absolutely nothing. It’s the ‘til death do us part’ I can’t quite grasp.

But put down your rose petals and slip that slow jams compilation CD back into your pocket. Any man engaged in the task of seducing me into frenzy better bring his *A* game, ‘cuz this passion junkie does not woo easily.

Can you chisel the glyph symbol for love in the tree next to my window?
Massage my feet with black lava stones while lying naked by a river in the mountains? Braid my hair and debate the significance of existentialism on Black expatriates during the Harlem Renaissance?

If you answered no, then you might as well pack it up playa and head home.

You would think with all my romantic notions I would have found my soul mate by now. I have, a few times and they were all equally fantastical:

The 50 year old freedom fighter
The 23 year old trumpet player
The Georgia boy
The ex husband
The New York editor
The architect

I’ve even managed to fall in love with the same man twice, five years apart.

A great deal of poetry has formed out of my desire and disdain for these *soul mates*.

So I cleverly laid them out on paper, wrapping them in ink, metaphor and the numbing silence of being crushed between the covers of a closed chapter.

Sleep well my dears.

California native, Tzynya Pinchback is the author of Gypsy: Courtesan in Poem and Prose, and co-author of The Bitter X Wives, scheduled for release in 2006. Tzynya serves as literary erotica columnist (MindSkin) for Chaotic Dreams Online ( and contributing writer to the anthology In Katrina's Wake. Tzynya is a Proposal Writer living in Atlanta with her 8 year old daughter.
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