My Invisible Husband

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My Invisible Husband

Monday, December 12, 2005

Help! My daughter’s turning into a girl
By Guest Blogger Deirdre Savoy

When Shelia asked me to guest write for her blog on the topic of relationships I was at first stymied. Even though I write romance and romantic suspense, I don’t spend much time contemplating relationships of the man/woman variety. I’ve got a pain-in-the butt husband like every other woman I know. Aside from those of the abusive, controlling or irresponsible varieties, all you can do is shake your head and keep on doing what needs to be done

Honestly, the relationship most on my mind is the one I share with my daughter. From birth, she wasn’t one of those frilly girls you could dress up and expect much in the way of ladylike behavior. She’s always been a little hoyden, more interested in classically male pursuits than those society says she should be interested in.

That’s always been fine by me. But suddenly, her hair has to be combed with the part just so, hanging out with her girlfriends after school is now mandatory and everything I do and every word out of my mouth is, to put it in her word, so, so wrong. My daughter is a teenager and she’s driving me crazy.

It’s not like I didn’t see this coming. I was a teenage girl once, too. On top of that, I had been damned to this existence long ago by the ubiquitous mother’s curse: I hope you have one just like you. Then you’ll know what it’s like. I did and I do.

In many ways, my daughter, or my Mini-Me, as my husband calls her, is exactly like me: opinionated, feisty, driven—short. But she is definitely her own person. She wants to be a writer and a guitar player and a film director and a professional skate boarder. As her mom, who am I to argue that all these things are not possible at the same time. All I get to do is bankrupt myself buying electric guitars and kneepads. And wait and wonder where the future will take her and what she will become.

Deirdre Savoy is the National Bestselling Author of ten books and one novella. She won the first Emma award for Favorite New Author. Since then, her books have been featured in Black Expressions Book Club, RT Bookclub, Affaire d’Coeur, Black Issues Book Review and other national publications. Her latest romantic suspense, Body of Truth, was published this November by Dafina/Romace.

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