My Invisible Husband

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My Invisible Husband

Monday, June 27, 2005


Thanks to all who submitted questions. You can find my responses below. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask.

Anonymous said... Are you anything like your characters?
No. All of my characters are a figment of my vivid imagination.

Peggy said... What single thought or event triggered this book?
I think subconsciously the idea for the book developed from hearing the following question one too many times: “When are you getting married?”

Anonymous said... Where do you see yourself in 5 years? (in detail)
Good question. I thank God that I’ve reached a lot of my goals I set forth for this year already. In 5 years, when a reader thinks of Jackie Collins, Terry McMillian, Danielle Steele, I want the name Shelia Goss to be a household name, just like theirs. I foresee myself still putting out page-turning novels. I also plan on going to a few movie premieres where either my book was adapted to a screenplay or the movie is based on an original screenplay that I’ve written.

princessdominique said... If you had your choice for male lead for the movie version of My Invisible Husband, who would your choice be and why?
Several choices…Will Smith because he’s not only suave, but there’s an innocence about him and he appeals to all types of audiences. Taye Diggs because he’s sexy and I think he also appeals to all types of audiences.

Glenys said... Have the thought ever crossed your mind about having an invisible husband?
No. Life is complicated enough.

Retro Girl said...On the same topic as The Princess posed, who would be your choice for female lead in a movie version and why?
Gabrielle Union or Vivica Fox. They both have enough pizzazz to pull Nikki’s character off.

Ms. Tee said... What would be your own personal hell?
I try not to speak things into existence, so I will not put it out there. I still may not have answered your question, but I try to think positive so it outweighs any negative.

LaShaunda said... Sheila, You’ve had so much success as a self-published authors. Do you have the desire to be published by a mainstream publisher or do you plan to stick with self-publishing?
Another good question. I’m fortunate to have had success as a self published author, but I do have a desire to be with a mainstream publisher. As a self published author, I am the CEO, CFO, etc, so the time I use to take care of business, takes me away from writing. If I was with a mainstream publisher, it would free me up so that I could write more. The skills I learned doing it myself are invaluable and I can utilize those skills whether I continue to self-publish or go mainstream.

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