My Invisible Husband

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My Invisible Husband

Sunday, May 08, 2005

Victor Said...hmm...what did he have to say this week?
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When a man cheats, is he unhappy with his wife, or himself? I always hear woman say that "his woman must not be keeping him satisfied." So, if I am keeping my man satisfied during his unemployment, is there anyone out there available to satisfy my 7 month old, my two year old, and my three year old while I am taking on the task of "raising" my husband's self image???? The service would need to be a free one, because we are on one income.
Thank you so kindly -


Victor Said...

Tuck & Roll Baby,

My first thought after reading your message was, “Y’all need counseling!” Your situation is deeply intense and I do believe that’s a good start because there are three major issues to consider, yours, his and the family’s. Why do men cheat? Men have been known to step out on their wives for as many reasons as there are women (and more increasingly men) to facilitate it. There are certainly instances when a man’s self-esteem dips and takes his libido with it. Some of them seek sexual-gratification/ego-tripping in the arms of different women to revive it. On the other hand, men also experience displeasure with their wives on many fronts and feel disconnected, devastated, and damned. However, some men are quite simply dogs off the leash and interested in humping any female dog who’ll hold still long enough. Of course, neither of these is a worthy excuse or justified but you did ask. If this clears up the why, what will you do about it?

I’m certain that you’re exhausted during these extremely difficult times. Five people living on one income with a house and two car notes (presumably) would be enough to break any family without the tools to survive it but my plea is that you bend but refuse to break. There is a way to hold it together until the sun shines abundantly again. Believe me, it’s worth a shot at strengthening the family unit at its weakest point, which appears to be your husband’s ego. Next time, it could be yours or your health, loss of your job perhaps. To answer your last question… yes there is someone willing to offer the service of raising your husband’s self-image and it’s free of charge. Just ask. Pray on it until the answer is, "Yes. I'll fix it!

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