My Invisible Husband

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My Invisible Husband

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

The Rescurer

By Shelia M. Goss

In a fairy tale, not so long ago lived Mickety Mack the Rescurer..well actually he was a rabbit.

Mickety spent so much time helping others; he tended to neglect himself. People started to depend on Mickety for so many things that at times it would be overwhelming. He was so popular, he even had his own theme song:

Mickey Mack
There goes Mickey
There goes Mack
No He’s Not a Mouse
But a Rabbit


He’s the coolest rabbit
In the neighborhood
While the other’s are hanging
He’s out doing good

If you get in trouble,
Never fear
Mickey Mack’s on the way
To Save the Day


Mickety Mickey Mack
Mack –k-k-k Rabbitt

(© 2005 courtesy of Shelia M. Goss, Ebony’s Lyric)

One night Mickety was so tired from working all day, that he couldn’t sit up straight. While getting ready for bed, the phone rang, and his best friend Trish went on and on about some problem in her life. Well Trish always had some type of drama going on. As usual, Mickety listened and talked her through her issues. Mickety was wide awake, but Trish dozed off on him and ended their conversation so she could go to bed.

After Mickey hangs up with her, he is unable to go to sleep. He drank warm milk and even tried counting sheep, but every time he closed his eyes, he saw her problems, not his, but hers swimming around in his head. By the time Mickety gets to sleep, his alarm sounds off. He couldn’t afford to sleep in because he had to complete a writing assignment that was due by noon that day.

The moral of this story: Never give more of yourself than you have to give, because what is left may not be enough to sustain you.

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