My Invisible Husband

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My Invisible Husband

Monday, July 25, 2005

Do you think there's a D-L Epidemic?

I'm back!!! I had a great time in the Big D - Dallas that is (smile). I usually try to stay away from controversial topics (because the only drama I like is found between the pages of a book); however what I'm about to bring up has been a "hot" topic in several email groups , so I'm curious to know what my blog buddies think.

Do you think there's a D-L (Downlow) epidemic spreading the nation?
JL King's book has brought the subject to the forefront for many and rightfully so. Terry McMillian (one of my favorite author's by the way) is also going through a bitter divorce because she found out that her husband was gay. R Kelly's latest songs touches on the subject.

How would you deal with finding out that your man that you've been married to or dating is bi-sexual, gay or whatever word you want to use?

This is a response I posted on Gwynne's Sanctum's blog: "although there are men out there that are on the DL, fortunately I haven't had a personal experience with one."

Yolanda from Yolanda's Lair responded: "Now Shelia knows I love her because she is my big sister, but how do you REALLY know that you haven't dealt with anyone like that? or had the experience?"

She made a good point. My response however is I would hope that I would know. Just like when a man cheats...warning signs are there. We either choose to act on them or ignore them. I feel that I would see some type of warning signs. But quite honestly, in my heart I wouldn't want to believe that he was gay or cheating on me with a man, so I would probably be in a state of denial first and only God could help him if my instincts proved to be true.

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