My Invisible Husband

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My Invisible Husband

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Keshia Kola is the Guest Blogger for Today.

THE HUNTING GROUNDS – East Coast vs West Coast

When I lived on the East coast, men welcomed the hunt…reveled in the challenges set before them. They made eye contact and boldly went where no other man dares to have gone.

On the West coast it’s a totally different playing ground or arena. The men expect the women to make the first, second and third move. They also expect women to pay. The script has truly flipped. I wish they made men like they used to. Nowadays women are more dominant and open. Freely expressing their sexuality and inhibitions. Traditional values have flown out the window and on to the 405 freeway--stifled and stuck in traffic.

Now, finding romance involves a trip to Blockbuster or a Netflix delivery.

A man once told me, he has a better chance at finding a good woman, than a woman finding a good man. Is that true?

I did a poll asking 3 men on the east and 3 men on the west about courtship. The East coast men cheerfully answered the questions thoughtfully and in great detail. The men on the West…uhhh. One guy told me, “Sorry babe, you're a cutie, but I only do things for credit, press, or money.” Another guy told me, “I don't like girlfriends, there are way too many women out there for me to enjoy instead of keeping one that can nag me to death. I can't remember the last time I had sex with the same girl more than 5 times. If a female wants to make me run through hoops I just go on to the next one, I'm too important and my time it too valuable to waste it on someone who doesn't value my time.”

Has times changed or does geography play a factor? Not everyone who lives in LA is from there; so did they leave their values and traditions in Wichita? Then you have to worry about the men on the low…the down low. Or the ones who are married, yet believe adultery is okay.

It’s a crazy world out there and it’s not getting any better. Cincinnati is looking not so nasty and the south, not so dirty. The city of angels, now that’s a bit of irony for you. The hunting ground has become a thing of ratios and statistics. A business decision if you will. Although I may fail miserably, I refuse to give up on the fact that good men are hard to find. I’ve packed my binoculars, my camouflage, my smell goods, charm and spiritual beliefs. And so the hunt is on!

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