My Invisible Husband

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My Invisible Husband

Monday, April 11, 2005

The pastor at church said something a few weeks ago in Bible Study that struck close to home. I decided to post it here because last week a subject was brought up in one of my reading groups and then me and a friend had a similiar conversation about men and relationships this past weekend.

People always say, he or she is my type. They get involved with "their type" and then the relationship doesn't work. They again find another person with the same qualities they consider "their type" and end up in another dead end relationship. Well if YOUR TYPE is not working out, maybe you need to change your criteria of what you're looking for in a mate, because apparently "your type" isn't working for you.

For example, if you only date men who are over 30 but younger than 35, you may be short changing yourself. The man for you might be 36 or 29, but you wouldn't know because of that one little criteria that in the end doesn't even matter if he's compatible with you.

Could your "Mr. Right" be someone you already know? Are we too judgmental when it comes to looking for "our type?"

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